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We are the leading supplier of fire retardant tarpaulin in Dubai, UAE for many years. Our aim is to offer good quality tarpaulins to our customers with lowest possible price. Depending on your requirements, these multi-purpose tarps are widely used by farmers, builders, gardeners, landscapers, and many other fields.

Fire retardant tarpaulins are a type of tarpaulin that is specifically designed to resist the spread of fire. They are often used in a variety of settings, including construction sites, warehouses, and other industrial environments, as well as in emergency situations such as wildfires.

One of the primary uses of fire retardant tarpaulins is to cover and protect materials or structures that are vulnerable to fire. For example, a construction site may use a fire retardant tarpaulin to cover wood beams or other combustible materials, reducing the risk of a fire starting and spreading. Similarly, a warehouse may use fire retardant tarpaulins to cover stored materials such as paper or cardboard, which can be highly flammable.

FR tarpaulins are an important tool for preventing the spread of fire and protecting people and structures from the damaging effects of fire. They are an essential component of fire safety plans in a variety of settings, and can play a critical role in mitigating the impact of fires and ensuring the safety of individuals and communities.

Heavy duty tarpaulins are perfect choice for long term waterproof cover work. You can place an order with our team by providing the specification of the tarpaulin through phone or mail. 

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